The Solution: Newswise Wires

Here’s the situation: you have a great story written, but you can’t reach journalists to interest them in picking up your story. You’ve got e-mail addresses, and you send your story idea to all the journalists you can find. The problem: how do you get journalists to respond positively to your story idea by calling you and reporting on your news?

Use a delivery method for your news that journalists trust, and have been using loyally for over twenty years. Newswise wires are delivered directly to journalists who ask for this news in the fashion they ask for it. Newswise builds bridges between reporters and your news.

By uploading your articles, video, images, experts, and various forms of content to Newswise, you connect to reporters who are looking for content for their next story. Journalists use Newswise because they trust the high-quality, credible news they receive from Newswise members, and Newswise protects their privacy so they can search and roam Newswise freely for their next articles without having to worry about being spammed. Becoming a Newswise member allows you an opportunity to build relationships with media professionals – editors, producers, science writers, bloggers, writers for trade magazines, and general assignment reporters – who will expect the same quality and value from you as they already do from your fellow Newswise member institutions.

93% of Newswise research releases achieve effective pickup, and 77% of feature releases achieve effective pickup. Add an embargo to your research news for added coverage – embargoed news receives 40% more coverage than non-embargoed news. It’s a no-brainer: with average results like those, why wouldn’t you use Newswise? To connect your news with journalists, contact a Newswise media specialist now, and get started with contribution access right away.