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This gives reporters the opportunity to broker searches for ideas in an engaging event. Do you need experts on a topic, perhaps a new topic for which you're in the early stages of defining the scope? Would you like to expand the scope of your search to new areas outside your ken? Would you like to refine a search to a very narrow topic and cast a wide net? Are you working on a book, documentary, feature story or other media and need to leverage your search, to bring in new ideas and experts? Are you traveling to a foreign country for a research trip and need advice on where to go and who to meet?

This is a new tool designed to be flexible to your specific interests.

You, the individual reporter defines your interest. Newswise leverages your request to the roughly 300 university and professional association network and vett the response to present their ideas within a 90 second time frame. You, the reporter, has unlimited time ask questions or engage with the person presenting the idea. Once the connection is made, you have ample opportunity to communicate via email or phone later for followup. The reporter has no obligations.


National Athletic Trainers' Association Virtual Press Briefing hosted by Newswise Live

Thursday, Jun 27, 2019 -

Time: 12:00pm - 12:45pm



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