Make your experts shine

Expert spotlight enables you to create timely, affordable video of your experts and share it with the news media.

  • Expose your expert to producers seeking on-air guests.
  • Help reporters understand your expert's analysis of current events.
  • Give your expert the opportunity to describe their research in richer detail.
newswise-make your experts shine
newswise- Respond to breaking news quickly and dynamically

Respond to breaking news quickly and dynamically

Expert Spotlight adds a human element to your embargoed research news. It also provides a new vehicle for your experts to influence breaking news events as they are evolving. Expert Spotlight provides journalists with a superior way to engage with your faculty. With the ability to share visual information and explain their research in person, Expert Spotlight gives your experts the opportunity to more profoundly engage journalists, who can use the video directly in their broadcast or online stories.

Embargoed news and breaking news are especially time sensitive and Expert Spotlight expedites video production.

What do I need for a Newswise Expert Spotlight video?

Call Newswise immediately when you first discover an embargoed news item or identify a breaking news event for which you have an available expert! We will collaborate to identify and conceptualize the story and interview your expert to elicit the best performance.

The interview is scheduled in a virtual room and generally requires about 30 minutes.

Newswise-Expert Spotlight video
 Newswise-Respond to breaking news quickly and dynamically

Reporter Fast Pitch meetings

Get a leg up on pitching your stories to the media, virtually face-to-face.

Weekly Fast Pitch meetings are another virtual meeting option for communicators to connect with journalists.