The Solution: Newswise Expert Pitch

Here’s your situation: you’ve got knowledgeable, camera-friendly experts as part of your faculty, staff, or team. Some of them are published. Others are vocal specialists in their fields. All of them can offer valuable, credible opinions about breaking news, current news, and projected news. The problem: how do you get your experts in the hands of journalists at the right time?

Position your experts and specialists to be first on the scene when news breaks. Give voice to their talents and accomplishments that positively impact people the world over through Newswise Expert Pitch.

You supply images, video clips, quotes, and summaries from your expert, and Newswise delivers your Expert Pitch directly to journalists who’ve asked for them

Why wait on someone to find you, vet you, and reach out to you when you can proactively promote your experts in real time about breaking news to journalists on deadline who need sources today?

To deliver your experts to journalists, contact a Newswise media specialist now, and get started with contribution access today.