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Alisa Bowman, Rodale

Alisa is looking for book authors who are experts in nutrition research and health - e.g. weight, fitness, nutrition, aging, etc. This is not a typical Fast Pitch. Click on the Register button below to read more.

Thursday, Feb 9, 2017, 2:00pm - 2:30pm EST


Our Fast Pitch session (a virtual event) with Alisa Bowman, Rodale is scheduled for Thurs., Feb. 9 at 2 pm ET.

This is not a typical Fast Pitch event but a conversation with Alisa. She is pitching her idea to you. She is looking for book authors. “I am on the hunt for new talent,” she said. “Primarily, I’m looking for experts with writing skills. So basically, a nutrition researcher or registered dietician who can write a menu plan, recipes AND the content that explains how to use it all. Usually, I’m looking for people with a natural focus (for example, they are into Ayurveda or herbs) or who have something new to say about health (weight, fitness, nutrition, aging, etc). I hire people to write books and also various other products (meditation audio, DVD's, etc). They would end up with both a byline, a paycheck, and a ton of exposure, as we advertise our products in our brands (Prevention, Men’s Health, etc.) as well as by direct mail, email campaigns, etc.”

Alisa will tell you more about the nature of her work, her books, Rodale audience, the kinds of authors she's looking for, and the diversity of topics (within nutrition). She will also answer your questions.

If you come to the meeting with a potential author, you might also take a minute to describe him or her and their expertise and qualification.

There will be no practice for this event.

You can see Alisa's LinkedIn profile at

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