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Willie Vogt, Editor, Penton Farm Publishing Group

Willie is interested in explaining gene editing to a lay audience readers of his publications. He is also interested in new technology for cloud data management and autonomy/robotics.

Wednesday, Jan 11, 2017, 2:00pm - 2:30pm EST


Our Fast Pitch session (a virtual event) with Willie Vogt, Editor, Penton Farm Publishing Group, is scheduled for Wed, Jan. 11, at 2 pm EST.

Willie is interested in:
1- explaining gene editing to a lay audience readers of his publications. “We need to understand the technology and the regulatory and ethical issues for gene editing of both plant crops and animals. Experts can come from anywhere.”
2- cloud data management: farmers are tracking their equipment via computer. What's coming in this area?
3- autonomy and robotics; what are the issues? What's coming? Some equipment is now 95% autonomous; what's the potential?

You can see more about Willie's interests at Farm Industry News and you can review his profile at LinkedIn.

Pitches are more powerful if you share visuals; if this is new, we'll show you how to screen share.

The event with Willie will last no longer than 30 minutes. After each pitch (no longer than 90 seconds, and we will be rigorous timekeepers), he will have the opportunity to ask questions. The goals are:
1- to give Willie some great story ideas.
2- demonstrate how useful this virtual meetings technology can be for events such as this (nobody has to travel, but communication and engagement are not compromised).
3- help PIOs promote their experts and learn to pitch well.
4- promote good relationships and collaboration.

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