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“I haven’t enjoyed getting a pitch this much in, well…ever!” — Ben Gruber, Reuters


Pete Spotts, Christian Science Monitor

Thursday, Jan 28, 2016, 2:00pm - 2:30pm EST


Christian Science Monitor

Pete is interested in receiving pitches about:

  • Non-nuclear, sustainable energy technology

  • Desalination technology

***Pete is not especially interested in single source stories, but is looking for experts who can answer the following questions***

  • For a renewable energy future, what are the most important technologies that need to be improved or happen? What’s the leading edge and who is doing it? Are the most important innovations batteries, other storage, fuel cells, hydrogen, solar panels, or changes to the grid to make electric energy more renewable?

  • Similarly with desalination technologies, who is doing the most innovative work to solve problems with expense and environmental impact?

Is your source’s research in these areas recognized by peers outside your institution seen as innovative or cutting edge? Pete suggests, if he asked a recognized leader in the field: “What paper published recently made you wish you’d been co-author?” would your researcher be mentioned?

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