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When you have great news and need to reach journalists, you might distribute to your contacts, but don’t stop there.

Maximize your results with Newswise.

Journalists value our service and have been loyal subscribers to our wires and website for more than 20 years.

Newswise Live Event

Newswise Live delivers researchers to journalists, and offers reporters the opportunity to have their questions answered by experts in a face-to-face environment via a virtual news conference.

Newswise Live offers the real-time engagement you could only get from a conversation or personal interview and without the hassle of hosting an on-site news conference.


You have knowledgeable, media-friendly experts as part of your faculty, staff, or team. When they can offer valuable, credible options about breaking, current, and projected news go to Newswise Expert Pitch or Expert Spotlight.

Reporters prefer Expert Pitch or Expert Spotlight because you save them time by providing immediate, vetted, and relevant experts.

Reporter Fast Pitch

A weekly virtual meeting where Newswise members get 90 seconds to pitch story ideas to top national media.

Meeting Package

If your annual meeting is an important event, create a customized Meeting Package.

Reach reporters with a dedicated wire and newsroom for your meeting, or look at advanced options like a virtual newsroom, live-streamed news conferences, and sponsor message to increase attendance at your meetings.

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    Seven years later I still am getting coverage for a story on contaminated makeup counters that I pitched in 2004. At the time we had more than 100 hits around the globe, in places I never could have reached without spending weeks with directories, web searches and emails. Newswise enabled me to reach reporters and outlets I could only dream about: CNN and 20/20 covered the story, as did major women’s publications and health magazines and websites, radio in California and the Jerusalem Post, to name a very few.

    – Patricia Quigley, Rowan University

    You guys make it so easy!! I love contributing stories to Newswise! I also appreciate the easy access to reports and real time hits.

    – Melody Walker, Washington University in St. Louis



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